Summer/Spring 2016


Collection Spring/Summer 2016

Adama Paris’ new collection entitled: « Sahelian » inspired by Malick Sidibé

This collection pays hommage to the sahelian woman and their renowned elegance. The sahelian women rises from the east to the west of africa and lives on semi-arid land. This collection comes from the imagination of what a modern day Sahelian woman would dress like. The Sahelian people often layer their clothing for protection against their environment. Mainly monochrome and made of layered silhouettes from different materials and patterns, the mix of the lines, polka dots and squares in the fabric allow for the collection to be truly timeless. Most of the silhouettes are paired with a “Moussor”. The “moussor”, a traditional headwrap of the sahelian woman used mainly for protection from the sun and for religious purposes adds a traditional touch to this contemporary silhouette. It is also the only touch of color in this monochrome collection.

The inspiration of this collection is also directly linked to Malian photographer Malick Sidibé. Also from a Sahelian country, he is known for his black and white images that chronicle the exuberant life and culture of the youth during the 60’s through the 70’s in his hometown, his photography documented a transitional moment in Mali’s independence.